Fort McCoy Regulations & Maps


Hunting & Fishing Regulations

New 2021~ Regulation 420-29: Fort McCoy Hunting, Fishing, Trapping Laws and Regulations (click to open)


Firewood Cutting Regulation

Regulation 200-4: Fort McCoy Firewood Cutting Regulation (click to open)

Permits are available for purchase online through your iSportsman account by credit/debit card or at the Permit Sales Office (bldg 2168, M-F 7-15:30). No checks accepted. Select the Firewood Cutting web page located under the Program Info tab in the menu bar for more firewood cutting information and maps.


Firearm Registration Form: 

All firearms brought on to the installation for any purpose must be registered through the Fort McCoy Police. This requirement pertains to anyone with a firearm in their possession while on Fort McCoy for any reason including hunting, fishing, trapping, camping, shooting range, or visiting members of the Fort McCoy community or staff. Firearm is defined as: any weapon (including a starter gun, weapon frame or receiver) which will, or is designed to or readily be converted to, expel a projectile by the action of an explosive or other propellant. Questions related to firearms registration should be directed to the Fort McCoy Physical Security Division at (608) 388-2266.  Registration forms can be processed during normal business hours within building 35 at the Visitor Control Office (608) 388-4988 or during nonduty hours at the Fort McCoy Police Department building 1681, or may be emailed to

The forms may also be mailed to the Police Dept. at:  Ft McCoy Police Dept., Attn: Firearms Registration, 1681 W Eaton Rd, Ft McCoy, WI 54656.

Click here for Firearm Registration Form: Fort McCoy Form 433 



Activity Card Template ~ Applies to All

All recreational participants/permit holders within a vehicle are required to display a Fort McCoy Activity card. The card must show the iSportsman permit number for each permit holder associated with the vehicle for that given days activity. The Activity Card must be placed on the vehicle dashboard and be easily readable through the windshield from the outside of the vehicle. The card should not be obstructed by any other papers, materials, or items on the dash or windshield. Hand printed information must be legible and large enough to easily read thought the windshield.

Click here for Activity Card Template











Fort McCoy Hunting & Fishing Maps (click on map to open)

 Small Game/Archery/Turkey Map (Appendix C)
 Gun Deer Map (Appendix D) 
 Fishing Map (Appendix E)
 Trapping Map (Appendix G) 
 Cantonment Archery Map (Appendix F)  - Contact the Permit Sales Office to obtain map 608.388.3337
Non-Hunting / Non-Fishing Activities Map (Appendix H)


Ft McCoy GeoPDF Maps

What is a GeoPDF Map?

1. Geographic Referenced PDF (GeoPDF) maps have been developed to give hunters, trappers, anglers, and non-hunting/fishing recreationalists the ability to view their location and more, on their personal device (smartphone) using one of many PDF Map Apps.

2. This will help users navigate as well as identify where they are within the installation. The GeoPDF maps must be used in conjunction with the Game Line posting. It is the user’s responsibility to check the Game Line and not enter any closed training areas. 

Click here for detailed instructions on how to use GeoPDF Maps  

Click on GeoPDF map to open        

GeoPDF Map Small Game/Archery/Fall Turkey
GeoPDF Map Gun Deer
GeoPDF Map Fishing
GeoPDF Map Trapping
GeoPDF Map Non-Hunting/Non-Fishing