Hunting Permit Requirements

Fort McCoy Permit is Required: The appropriate Fort McCoy hunting, fishing, trapping, non-hunting/fishing activity permit (annual Fort McCoy Access Pass) and appropriate State of Wisconsin license and stamps are required to hunt, fish, or trap on Fort McCoy.  Fort McCoy permits are not transferable or refundable. Fort McCoy permits/permit applications must be purchased through this Fort McCoy web based iSportsman system using a credit or debit card.  Fort McCoy permits will no longer be available through the WDNR GoWild system.

To obtain a Fort McCoy permit or permit application: Go to the Ft McCoy iSportsman web page 

1. Once you have created (registered) an iSportsman account, login to your account and go to "ACQUIRE PERMITS".

2. Find the permit(s)/application you wish to acquire and "ADD TO CART"

3. Once you have added all the permits/permit applications you wish to acquire, select "VIEW CART & CHECK OUT"

4. Verify the permits are correct and "CHECKOUT". Follow payment prompts (credit or debit card).

5. "CONFIRM" your order, option to "PRINT PERMITS", and "RETURN TO HOME"

6. Logout

Permits may also be purchased over-the-counter at the Permit Sales Office (building 2168). Cash/credit/debit only. No checks



Attention Hunters: Your Ft McCoy Archery/Turkey/Gun Deer permit is also your Fort McCoy harvest authorization (carcass tag) for the season on Fort McCoy .  The appropriate Ft McCoy iSportsman hunting permit and appropriate State of Wisconsin license and stamps are required on Ft McCoy, however, the WDNR issued deer/turkey tags/harvest authorizations are not valid on Ft McCoy. The Wisconsin licenses and proper stamps can be purchased through any Wisconsin DNR GoWild vendor, Service Center, or online at

Fort McCoy Quota Hunt Permits (Permit Drawing) 

Quota season permits (i.e., Gun-Deer, Gun Hunt for Hunters with Disabilities, Youth Gun Deer, Cantonment Archery, Spring Turkey, and Trapping) are only available online through the Fort McCoy iSportsman electronic permit application process. Applications will be available in your iSportsman account under Acquire Permits. There are a limited number of permits available for each season and there will be a random drawing for the number of permits.  The drawing will take place one week after the application deadline date.  No paper applications will be provided. Those who wish to apply must create or have created an iSportsman account to access the applications by logging into their iSportsman account and clicking on "Acquire Permit(s)".   Click here for application instructions.  

Activity CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT:  Everyone is required to CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT daily for all hunting seasons including scouting using the iSportsman  system.  You can Check-in/Check-out  by:

calling (866) 277-1597. You will need to use your iSportsman permit number along with your 4-Digit PIN number to Check-in/Check-out over the phone.

accessing the iSportsman web site  at  Select Activity Checkin or My Account from main menu and LOGIN.

kiosk located at the Hunter Information Point (HIP) located along of Highway 21 at the intersection of South J Street and Highway 21 and will be open 24/7. LOGIN to your iSportsman account and select Activity Checkin.

The Game Line corresponds to the hunting maps and lists training areas and lakes that are closed on any particular day. The Game Line listing will be updated by DPTMS. Fort McCoyreserves the right to update training area closures at any time if needed. ALL individuals are required to check the Game Line daily for anychanges.


Attention Fort McCoy Users: Firearm Registration is Required (Click here for firearm information and forms) 

It is the responsibility of the individual recreational participant/permit holder to check the Game Line at (866) 277-1597 or online at for updates, changes, and/or temporary regulations to the activities associated with the Fort McCoy hunting regulation.  Game Line information must be checked daily to ensure that the activity has not been restricted because of unforeseen mission requirements.


Fort McCoy Gun Hunt for Hunters with Disabilities: A Fort McCoy Gun-Deer Hunt for Hunters with Disabilities permit, WDNR Disabled Permit (Class A, Class B, Class C, or Class D hunting), and Wisconsin Gun-Deer hunting license are required. To be eligible under a Class B permit classification, the permit must be valid for longer than one year and allow shooting from a stationary vehicle.


Help stop CWD in Monroe County. 

As a hunter we are counting on you.  You can make a difference.




Wisconsin law extends many privileges for hunting, fishing and trapping to active members of the U.S. Armed Forces, Wisconsin National Guard or Reserves for both residents and nonresidents. Different sections of Wisconsin statutes authorize these privileges, each with their own qualifications.

Wisconsin Armed Forces Hunting Priviledges: visit for more information or contact the WDNR at 888-936-7463 for more information.