Activity Sign in Rules

ALL individuals who are scouting,hunting, and participating in a non-hunting activity except for fishing, are required to sign-in and sign-out through i-Sportsman daily when on Fort McCoy.

Note: Anglers are not required to sign-in at this time.

Sign-in/sign-out can be conducted by calling the i-Sportsman system at (866) 277-1597, online at, or at the kiosk located at the Hunter Information Point (HIP).

Important: Only one activity/season can be selected when signing-in

If you are planning to participate in multiple activities simultaneously (such as small-game and fall turkey, archery and fall turkey, etc.) select the primary activity/season you intent to participate in.

  • A Fort McCoy hunting permit is required to hunt on the installation.
  • Refer to the "Hunting Info" section on the main menu for further information on obtaining a permit.
  • You must register and create a user account before you sign-in for the first time. Your account must include a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) Customer Number.
  • You will use your Username and password or Permit # (provided by iSportsman at registration) and PIN  to sign-in/sign-out.
  • The i-Sportsman Permit # and 4-digit PIN # are required to sign-in/sign-out by phone at 866-277-1597
  • Gun-deer hunters are required to select one of six hunting zones(see map at appendix D for zones) in which they intend to hunt. Only one zone can be selected at a time. Hunters may sign-in for an alternate zone, but must first sign-out of any prior zone.