Access and Permits


A Fort McCoy Permit is Required:  Anyone interested in firewood cutting, hunting, fishing or trapping on Fort McCoy must have a Fort McCoy permit and appropriate State of Wisconsin license, tags, and stamps. Ft McCoy permits must be purchased online through your established iSportsman account. You must complete checkout even if your shopping cart totals $0.00.  Products will not be added to your customer account until checkout is completed.

Fort McCoy permits will no longer be sold through the WDNR GoWild Licensing system. See below for permit information.

Installation Access:  All recreational users to Fort McCoy will use this online iSportsman system. 

Make sure that you meet the installations access requirements.  Fort McCoy is and foremost a military installation.  Access is controlled (if accessing Cantonment Area) and is subject to change based on the security needs of the installation.  Once registered in the iSportsman system, recreationists, hunters, trappers, and anglers can purchase their Fort McCoy permit(s), and apply for a quota hunt permits.

  • Hunters, trappers, and those who are scouting are required to use the iSportsman system to Check-in/Check-out of their activity using their iSportsman account when participating in those activities.  Small game hunters do not report any game harvested upon Check-out.
  • Anglers and those participating in Non-hunting and Non-fishing activities are not required to Check-in/Check-out.

Please see the Regulations tab in the blue menu bar for detailed rules, regulations, and maps. Other than providing basic information, iSportsman does not facilitate or control the installation access process.  

Who has to set up an iSportsman account?:  If you plan on fishing, hunting or trapping anywhere on Fort McCoy you will have to have an iSportsman account. If you plan on participating in other non-hunting recreational activities (birdwatching, dogwalking, berry picking, etc.) you have to have an iSportsman account and obtain the current year's Access Pass. To set up an account, click on the Register link in above menu. During the registration process, you will be asked for your contact information and you may be required to acknowledge your agreement with some key requirements.

iSportsman Steps:

  1. "REGISTER" to create an account.
  2. Once you have an iSportsman account, go to "ACQUIRE PERMITS".
    1. Find the permit(s) or application you wish to acquire and "ADD TO CART"
    2. Once you have added the items you wish to acquire, select "VIEW CART & CHECK OUT"
    3. Verify the items you selected are correct and select "CHECKOUT". Follow all payment prompts (use of credit or debit card).
    4. "CONFIRM" your order, option to "PRINT PERMITS", and "RETURN TO HOME"

Note: When applying for a quota hunt permit, your permit application will be entered into the drawing after you Confirm your order/checkout. Drawing results will usually take place the week after the application deadline date and drawing results will be posted to your iSportsman account under the Lottery tab.  If you were drawn for a quota hunt permit, go to "Acquire Permits", locate your awarded permit and "Add To Cart" and proceed with the process of purchasing your permit.

   3. You can now "CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT" (Applies to scouting, hunting and trapping activities)

  1. Select "CHECK-IN" if still logged into your iSportsman account or select Activity Checkin from the main menu bar on the iSportsman homepage.
  2. Select your primary "ACTIVITY".
  3. Acknowledge the required check-out time.
  4. Select the ZONE you wish to recreate in.  Make sure you check the Game Line for areas that are OPEN. 
  5. "CONFIRM CHECK-IN".  You are now checked-in for the activity and zone you selected. 
  6. Make sure to place your Activity Information Card in the windshield of your vehicle while recreating. 


   4. When you are finished for the day, or wish to move to another area, you must "CHECK-OUT"

  1. LOGIN to your account
  2. Select "CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT"
  3. The page will show you where you are currently checked-in.  Select "CHECK-OUT"
  4. If you were hunting you will be asked "DID YOU CATCH OR COLLECT ANY HARVEST?"
    1. If you did not, select "NO", then "CONFIRM CHECK-OUT"
    2. If you harvested game, please select "YES".  The site will prompt you to select the game you harvested.  Other information may be requested for white-tailed deer and turkey.
    3. Once you have completed entering harvested game, select "CONFIRM CHECK-OUT"
    4. Now you have the option to Check-in to another zone.

Permit holders may Check-in/Check-out by either logging into their iSportsman account or calling 866-277-1597. If calling in by phone, one must use their iSportsman permit number and 4-digit PIN number to login.

Annual Access Pass: Fort McCoy Annual Access Pass ($0.00) is required for all activities to include hunting, fishing, trapping, and non- hunting/fishing activities.  All recreational users need to update their iSportsman account annually by adding the current license year Fort McCoy Access Pass. The Fort McCoy Access Pass is valid from March 1 through February 28 every year. A Fort McCoy Access Pass serves as the permit for non-hunting/fishing recreational activities outlined in Fort McCoy Regulation 420-29 paragraph 3-10.  You can obtain a pass on this website by selecting Register (if you do not already have an account) or select Login on the blue menu bar at the top of this page.  When you register you will be obtaining your annual access pass at the same time.

Firearm Registration: Fort McCoy is requiring that all privately owned firearms brought onto the installation be registered through the Directorate of Emergency Services (DES) Police Department.  You must register weapons used for hunting with DES. Conceal and carry of firearms is NOT allowed on Fort McCoy. Firearms declaration and proof of registration is required while hunting. iSportsman does not facilitate or control the Fort McCoy weapons registration process. Click on Regulations tab in above menu and select Firearm Registration for additional information and forms.

Transportation of Firearms/Bows:  While on Federal property, all firearms/bows must be unloaded and completely enclosed in a case designed to carry the weapon when in or on any vehicle whether moving or stationary.  Weapons are not allowed to be loaded in or on any vehicle at any time with the exception for WDNR disabled class A and B permit hunters while stationary.  Bows and crossbows must be unstrung or enclosed within a case when in or on a vehicle.

Permit Requirements: The appropriate Fort McCoy hunting, fishing, trapping permit(s) and appropriate State of Wisconsin license and stamps are required to hunt, fish, or trap on Fort McCoy. Once a Fort McCoy permit is purchased through your Fort McCoy iSportsman account, permits are non-transferable and no refunds will be given, regardless of reason.  

Revenue from the sale of hunting, fishing, and trapping permits remains on Fort McCoy and is used for the management of fish and wildlife populations and habitat.

Click on the Program Info tab in above menu to view additional fishing and hunting information.

Non-quota Season Permits (i.e., Fishing, Regular Archery, Fall Turkey, and Small-Game):

A Fort McCoy application is not required to purchase these permits. Permits may only be purchased through your Fort McCoy iSportsman account (hunting permits to be available August 1st).  All hunting participants must have registered in the iSportsman system and are required to Check-in/Check-out when hunting.  Once you have registered, you will need to Check-in/out daily unless you are fishing. You may select Check-in through this website by selecting My Account or Activity Check-in on the blue menu bar at the top of the home page, or by calling the automated phone system 877-277-1597. When checking in with iSportsman, please remember that you must have a valid annual access pass, and that you will not be allowed to Check-in to your activity or zones which have been closed due to Army training activities.  Note: Small Game hunting (including coyote) is not allowed from March 1 – August 31.  Note: Firearm registration is required on Fort McCoy. See details under the Regulations tab.              

Quota Season Permits - Permit Application (i.e., Gun-Deer, Deer-Disabled, Cantonment Archery, Spring Turkey, and Trapping):

These permits are obtained through a drawing or lottery process. Permits are only available through the Fort McCoy iSportsman online application process. One must submit an online application through their acquired iSportsman account for the specified permit that will go into a random drawing. Start looking for the applications for the fall quota permits to be available in May with a deadline date on July 31st. Drawing will take place one week after the application deadline date. Once the drawing is concluded, and if awarded a Fort McCoy permit, the Fort McCoy permit will be posted to your iSportsman account to be purchased. Click here for online application information and directions. Note: Firearm registration is required on Fort McCoy. See details under Regulations tab.

  • Quota permit applications are available online through your Fort McCoy iSportsman user account. Fall quota hunt applications are usually available in May with a deadline date of July 31st.
  • Selection of recipients is conducted through a random drawing based on your iSportsman Category Status (A, A1, B, or C) the week following the application deadline date.
  • Applicants are notified of the selection results by checking their iSportsman user account and by email if one has email included in their iSportsman account information. If awarded a permit, you may purchase your permit directly through your iSportsman account. (Fort McCoy permits will no longer be available through the WDNR GoWild system). You are still required to purchase your Wisconsin state licenses and stamps in conjunction with your Fort McCoy permits. You will purchase your Fort McCoy permit(s) through the iSportsman system and your state license(s) through the Wisconsin DNR GoWild system
  • Soldiers stationed at Fort McCoy after the quota permit drawing is completed are eligible to apply for a quota permit (i.e., Gun-Deer, Deer-Disabled, Cantonment Archery, Spring Turkey, and Trapping). A copy of the PCS orders showing the date of assignment after the application period must accompany the application. Contact the Permit Sales Office at 608-388-3337 for more information.
  • Once awarded a Fort McCoy permit, click Add to Cart (Check-out and Confirm order). The awarded Fort McCoy permit will post to your iSportsman account. This will also allow you to Check-in and Check-out of your activity during the season.


Wisconsin Armed Forces Hunting Privileges: Wisconsin law extends many privileges for hunting, fishing and trapping to active members of the U.S. Armed Forces, Wisconsin National Guard or Reserves for both residents and nonresidents. Different sections of Wisconsin statutes authorize these privileges, each with their own qualifications.

Go to  for more information or call 1-888-936-7463.

Wisconsin Armed Forces License Rates


Any resident in active service with the Armed Forces, who presents their military I.D. and leave papers is eligible for a free Small Game & Fishing License. All other hunting, trapping or fishing licenses can be purchased at resident rates.

Active service, means full time employment as a member of the armed services and does not include annual summer training by members of the national guard or reserves.

Any resident Purple Heart recipient who exhibits proof at a DNR Service Center of having received a Purple Heart medal is eligible to purchase a Conservation Patron license for $10. More details including acceptable documentation available on Veteran's page.


A hunting, fishing and trapping license can be purchased at the resident rate by a nonresident who is:

  • a member of the Wisconsin National Guard
  • an active member of the Armed Forces stationed in Wisconsin
  • a member of a Reserve Unit of the Armed Forces located in Wisconsin
  • a current member of the Armed Forces or current member of a Reserve Unit of the Armed Forces stationed out of state who was a resident at the time he or she entered active service

Any nonresident Purple Heart recipient who exhibits proof at a DNR Service Center of having received a Purple Heart medal is eligible to purchase a nonresident Conservation Patron license for $161 and other hunting, trapping, and fishing approvals at resident rates. More details, including acceptable documentation available on the Veteran's page.


Activity/Information Card:  All individuals are required to display an information card on the windshield/dash with the following information: Permit holder's iSportsman permit number (if there is more than one permit holder per vehicle, the iSortsman permit numbers of all permit holders will be noted) in the vehicle. Click here for Activity Card


Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Hazard:  Military training involving live ammunition and explosives has occurred throughout Fort McCoy since 1909. Deliberate and comprehensive efforts have been conducted to clear the unexploded ordnance (UXO) hazard; however these items may occasionally still be encountered while on Fort McCoy.

Click here for further UXO Information


Contact Information

Permit Sales Office Hours
Open Monday-Friday
7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Building 2168
(608) 388-3337