FIREWOOD CUTTING - April 15th last day for firewood cutting in designated firewood cutting areas. Cantonment Area and Stump Disposal Site open year round for firewood cutting with proper permit.



 A Fort McCoy iSportsman Annual Access Pass is required for all recreational activities on Fort McCoy. To hunt, fish, or trap on Fort McCoy also requires the appropriate Fort McCoy hunting, fishing, or trapping permit, and the appropriate State of Wisconsin license(s) and stamp(s). The requirement for an Annual Access Pass and Fort McCoy Fishing Permit is waived for anglers during the WDNR Free Fishing weekends in January and June.  All recreational users must register for an iSportsman account before an iSportsman Annual Access Pass is issued online through the iSportsman system. Each individual account needs to be updated/renewed on an annual basis. An iSportsman Annual Access Pass is not required for non-hunting/fishing activities within the Pine View and Whitetail Ridge Recreation Areas or the Cantonment Area. Get the new Access Pass by logging in to your iSportsman account.


   -  PERMITS: 2024 Fort McCoy Fishing Permits are now available for purchase. Additional fishing information can be found under the Info tab in the menu.
   -  2024 CATCH & RELEASE SEASON: The early inland streams catch and release season for trout will open on Jan. 6, 2024 and run until May 3, 2024. 
   -  FISHING SEASON DATES: Unless otherwise posted, fishing, including trout, is permitted on all lakes and ponds from the first Saturday in May through the first Sunday in March. The North Flowage and Lost Lake are open for harvesting panfish all year, and the catch and release largemouth bass season. Fishing on streams is permitted from the first Saturday in May through October 15. Fort McCoy streams will be open for the early catch and release trout season as explained in the current Wisconsin Trout Fishing Regulations and Guide. Night fishing is allowed, but it is the responsibility of the angler to check the Game Line, after midnight, to make sure the lake or training area is open the following day.



All Fort McCoy spring turkey permits and harvest authorizations have been issued.  No remaining harvest authorizations are available at this time. Click the menu for 2024 Spring Turkey Information.