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Permit Sales Changes: Starting March 2019, Fort McCoy hunting and fishing permits will be available for purchase only through this web site and your iSportsman account with use of a credit or debit card. Fort McCoy permits will NOT be available through the WDNR GoWild system come March 1. New users will need to Register in the iSportsman in order to purchase a Fort McCoy permit(s) or submit permit application(s) for the quota hunts. Select Access/Permit Info for more information and instructions.


Hunting, Fishing, Trapping & Firewood Cutting

Fort McCoy offers hunting, fishing, and trapping opportunities to military (active and retired) and their dependents, government employees, and the general public. All participants must have the appropriate Fort McCoy permit and State of Wisconsin licenses before they are allowed to hunt, fish, or trap on Fort McCoy. 

Revenue generated from the sale of hunting, fishing, and trapping permits is used for the management of fish and wildlife habitat and populations on Fort McCoy. 

Much of Fort McCoy's 60,000 acres is naturally well-suited for wildlife. The majority of the land on Fort McCoy is divided into 82 training areas totaling 45,648 acres, which are available for hunting. Harvest and biological data is collected to monitor wildlife populations and wildlife health. 

Fort McCoy has 10 installation lakes and impoundments and approximately 71.2 miles of coldwater streams and tributaries. The majority of the streams are Class I trout water maintaining naturally reproducing brook and brown trout. The impoundments on Fort McCoy coldwater streams provide a variety of uses for recreation, military training, and habitat for fish and wildlife. 

Firewood cutting is allowed on Fort McCoy to help remove dead and down wood from the training areas. Two permit categories are available; the daily permit costs $10 and allows cutting and hauling firewood for one calendar day, the monthly permit costs $50 and allows cutting and hauling firewood for one calendar month. Income generated through firewood permit sales is deposited into a Department of Army account and used to fund forest management activities.


All hunting and fishing activities on Fort McCoy require a Fort McCoy permit.

Please explore the website for more-specific information about regulations, obtaining  permits, Activity Check-in/Check-out etc.

For additional information or for technical difficulties please contact the Fort McCoy Permit Sales Office at 608-388-3337 or e-mail inquiries to                                                                                                            usarmy.mccoy.imcom-central.mbx.dpw-permit-sales@mail.mil




Fort McCoy Natrual Resource Branch and Permit Sales Offices will be closed on Monday November 11, 2019 in observance of Veterans Day.


The following Fort McCoy permits are sold out:

  • Archery Bonus Antlerless Permit
  • Gun-deer Bonus Antlerlees Permit

Fort McCoy will not be issuing additional Gun-deer, Hunters Choice Approvals (HCA), or Cantonment Archery permits.


New 2019 Regulations and Maps coming Soon!  Please use current Regulations until new ones are available: Fort McCoy Hunting, Fishing, Trapping Rules & Regulations 420-29. Click on Regulations tab on top of page for regulations, maps, and additional information. 


Attention Hunters: Your 2019 Ft McCoy Gun-deer/Archery/Turkey Permit is your Harvest Authorization (carcass tag) for the season.  The appropriate Ft McCoy iSportsman hunting permit and appropriate State of Wisconsin license and stamps are required on Ft McCoy, however the WDNR issued deer/turkey tags/harvest authorizations are not valid on Ft McCoy.

Your Ft McCoy permit authorizes your harvest on Ft McCoy. You will not use your state issued harvest authorizations on Ft McCoy. You are eligible to use your state DNR harvest authorizations/tags outside of Ft McCoy.  Please see season date information is located under the Hunting Info tab in Program Info.

  • Archery: A Ft McCoy Archery permit and Wisconsin Archer or Crossbow hunting license are required to hunt on Ft McCoy. WDNR Archer/Crossbow upgrades to existing licenses are also required if Archery hunters would like to use either weapon type. WDNR issued archery harvest authorizations/tags are not valid on Ft McCoy but may be used outside of Ft McCoy.
    • Archery Permit Harvest Limit: Authorizes the harvest of 1 deer of either sex with the Ft McCoy Archery permit.
    • Archery Bonus Antlerless Permit Harvest Limit: Authorizes the harvest of 1 antlerless deer with the Ft McCoy Archery Bonus Antlerless permit.  Archery Bonus Antlerless permits are sold out.


  • Fall Turkey: A Ft McCoy Fall Turkey hunting permit, the appropriate Wisconsin hunting license (i.e., current Fall Turkey Hunting License, Conservation Patron License or a Senior Citizen Recreation Card), and Turkey Stamp are required. Conservation Patron License and Senior Citizen Recreation Card holders are exempt from the stamp requirement.
    • Harvest is limited to two turkeys of any age or sex with the purchase of the 2019 Ft McCoy Fall Turkey Permit. The two Ft McCoy Fall Turkey harvest authorizations will be issued to your iSportsman account. WDNR issued fall turkey tags/harvest authorizations are not valid on Ft McCoy but may be used outside of Ft McCoy.
  • Cantonment Archery: A Ft McCoy Cantonment Archery permit and Wisconsin Archery license or Archer Upgrade is required to hunt on Ft McCoy. The Wisconsin Deer Crossbow hunting license is not valid within the Cantonment Area. Bow and arrow is the only approved weapon within designated Cantonment Archery areas. Crossbows are not authorized for the Cantonment Archery hunt.
    • Cantonment Archery Permit Harvest: Harvest 2 antlerless deer (antlerless or spike buck).  Contact Permit Sales for additional bonus harvest authorizations.WDNR issued archery harvest authorizations/tags are not valid on Ft McCoy but may be used outside of Ft McCoy.


  • Gun-deer: 

    Harvest is limited to one antlered deer with the purchase of the 2019 Fort McCoy Nine-Day Gun-Deer Permit.  Season Dates: Nov. 23 - Dec. 1, 2019. The Fort McCoy Gun-Deer Antlered harvest authorization is included in the sale of the Fort McCoy Nine-Day Gun-Deer Permit. WDNR issued deer tags/harvest authorizations are not valid on Fort McCoy but may be filled outside of Ft McCoy. 

    • Individuals that are awarded the Fort McCoy HCA, can harvest one deer of either sex at any time during the Gun-Deer season. The HCA converts your gun-buck authorization to an either sex authorization.    A HCA validation does not represent a bonus deer harvest authorization.  


Deer/Turkey Registration and Reporting: Ft McCoy has established online and phone-in registration for the Archery/ Fall Turkey season through the Ft McCoy iSportsman system. Ft McCoy hunters are required to report/register their harvest during the iSportsman check-out process. Hunters may be asked to provide a confirmation number by state law enforcement or meat processors, the confirmation number will NOT be provided during the check-out process and is the hunters’ responsibility to create the confirmation number. The confirmation number will be made up of the hunters six digit Ft McCoy permit number (XXXXXX) and six digit date of harvest/registration (MMDDYY). The confirmation number will be 12 digits long and in the format described above (XXXXXX-MMDDYY). Once your Fort McCoy harvest is reported through iSportsman your registration is complete and there is NO Requirement to also report your harvest through the WNDR registration system.


Reminder for Anglers: If fishing Suukjak Sep Lake (lake located at Pine View Campground), you are not required to Checkin/out when fishing.


2019 Fall Hunting Permit Information:  Go to Program Info tab on main menu and select Hunting for more information on permit availability, permit application deadline dates, and hunting season dates.



Fishing Permits:

  • 2019 Fishing Permits Available for Purchase: Annual ($13), Senior ($8), Youth ($8), Disabled ($8), 4-Day ($8)


Explore this web site by clicking on the Program Info tab in the menu bar for additional fishing and hunting permit and season information.

Activity Information Card: All recreational participants/permit holders are required to display an information card on the passenger side of the windshield/dash with the following information: Permit holder's full name (if there is more than one permit holder per vehicle, the names of all permit holders will be noted), activity (Spring Turkey, Fishing, Cantonment Archery, Archery, Gun-Deer Hunt for Hunters with Disabilities, Gun-Deer, Small Game, Fall Turkey, Trapping, Scouting, berry picking, bird watching, etc.), personal cell phone number and two emergency contact phone numbers for each permit holder in the vehicle.


 Click hereClickCheck the Game Line: Lake and Training Area Closures

The Game Line, accessed by calling (866) 277-1597 or online lists hunting areas and lakes that are closed on any particular day. The Game Line listing will be updated by Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization, and Security (DPTMS). Fort McCoy reserves the right to update hunting area closures at any time if needed. ALL individuals are required to check the Game Line daily for any changes.  Streams are open to fishing if the training area is closed. If troops are present, find another stream or section of stream to fish.  There is no fishing in the North Impact Area.


Check-in/out of iSportsman: ALL users are required to Check-in/Check-out through your iSportsman account in the Fort McCoy iSportsman system daily when hunting, fishing, scouting, or participating in a non-fishing/non-hunting activity on Fort McCoy. You must have registered (created an account) online prior to using the Check-in/Check-out system. See the specific hunting season regulation for detailed information. Hunters who do not Check-in/Check-out are subject to penalties including revocation of hunting, fishing, trapping and firewood collection privileges.







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