Fort McCoy's Maps

Fort McCoy Maps  (click on map to open)

Small Game/Archery/Turkey Map (Appendix C) 

Gun Deer Map (Appendix D) map will be made available at a later date

Fishing Map (Appendix E) 

Trapping Map (Appendix G)  

Cantonment Archery Map (Appendix F)  - Contact the Permit Sales Office to obtain map  608.388.3337

Non-Hunting / Non-Fishing Activities Map (Appendix H) 



Ft McCoy GeoPDF Maps

What is a GeoPDF Map: 

1. Geographic Referenced PDF (GeoPDF) maps have been developed to give hunters, trappers, anglers, and non-hunting/fishing recreationalists the ability to view their location and more, on their personal device (smartphone) using one of many PDF Map Apps. This will help users navigate as well as identify where they are within the installation.

2. The GeoPDF maps must be used in conjunction with the Game Line posting. It is the user’s responsibility to check the Game Line and not enter any closed training areas. Click here for detailed instructions on how to use GeoPDF Maps  

Click on below GeoPDF map to open

GeoPDF Map Small Game/Archery/Fall Turkey 

GeoPDF Map Gun Deer map will be made available at a later date

GeoPDF Map Fishing 

GeoPDF Map Trapping 

GeoPDF Map Non-Hunting/Non-Fishing

Firewood cutting maps are located under the Info tab for firewood collection.


Click on Game Line to view open and closed training areas. 



Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Hazard Map 




For more information about UXO Click Here